Power outage at edpnet colocation


Dear customers,

We have experienced an outage at our colocation in Sint-Niklaas. For now all systems are running again.

Please find all details below:

Start: 2016-09-26 07:00*
End: 2016-09-26 16:50*
Duration: Telephony and web services: 3 hours

Mail: 9 hours 50 min

Impacted services: All telephony services, mail, web services
Affected Areas: All areas

Update 26/09/2016 – 21:30: Incoming voice should be fine now as well.

Update 26/09/2016 – 20:00: We hit the same issue as this morning, power outage of the collocation in Sint-Niklaas, probably due to a faulty UPS, we now bypassed the UPS and are starting all services again.
We added extra protection for the main router and our telephony system so no impact was expected there, but due to a strange coincidence our incoming voice also appears to be impacted by a fiber cut in Brussels that forced a reroute.

Update 26/09/16 – 16:50: High mail latency is solved.

Update 26/09/16 – 14-00: Webmail service is restored, but some customers still could face mail latency about 1 hour due to the huge amount of mails to be delivered on our servers.

Update 26/09/2016 – 12:30: Webmail is currently down in order to avoid too much delay and heavy traffic towards our backup mail system. 

Update 26/09/2016 – 10:19: All impacted services have been restored and are running again. Our mail relays are clearing out their backlogs.  We expect normal mail traffic flow to be resumed soon.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Best regards
The edpnet team

*All times are listed in CET, Central European Time