No heartbleed impact

As you may already know, a bug called ‘Heartbleed’ was recently detected in the ‘OpenSSL’ protocol.
This bug is an error in the OpenSSL software. OpenSSL is security software that protects your confidential data when it travels on the internet. OpenSSL is used in application worldwide (e.g. webmail, home banking social media, …).
Because of this bug it was possible for cybercriminals to access your confidential data. The heartbleed bug made it possible to intercept data that should be encrypted. 
Not all sites are/were affected, however some major sites you use probably are (it depends on which OpenSSL version was installed).
Our My edpnet/e-mail/hostings and other applications were not impacted.
If you want to know more about Heartbleed you can read more about it on :
It is important to note that this bug has nothing to do with edpnet. The Open SSL protocol is being used by lots of companies and organizations worldwide.
However, we encourage all our customers to change and reinforce their passwords for all their accounts (social media, webmail, etc.) preemptively.
To create a strong password, pay attention to the following:
  • Change your password on a regular basis
  • The length of your password: the longer, the better.
  • The variety of characters: the more variety the better. Mix lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.
  • Practical tip: use a pass phrase instead of a single password.
  • Use a password manager (like LastPass, KeePass, Roboform, 1Password and more. More info on