1. Please check …. not working … since 6 days !!

  2. Still same problem. still not working with your DNS settings!

  3. Hello,

    My mother has subscribed a internet service with you.
    She is a old woman without any technical knowledge.
    She has a student at home which encounter serious difficulties to reach internet services. The issues seems related to dns issues. ( ability to ping but not

    My mother address is :
    Simone Becker
    Rue du Val Benoit, 44
    4031 Angleur ( Liège)

    How can we get support about this issue ?

    Best regards,
    Eugène Lejeune ( son of Becker Simone linving in Brussels)

    (N.B. The ADSL Modem is an old one , may be could be changed by another suggested by you ?)

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