Outage: Fiber cut between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Traffic is rerouted : SOLVED

Dear customers,

We are currently experiencing a fiber cut between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Traffic is rerouted via a longer path.

Further details on the affected areas and an estimated duration will be released as soon as possible.

Please find all details below:

Start: 2019-08-01 00:10*
End: 2019-08-01 13h58*
Duration: 13h48min
Impacted services: All internet services
Affected Areas: Belgium & The Netherlands

UPD 10h10*: Eurofiber is investigating the outage. Estimated time of resolution: 2019-08-01 15h00*

UPD 13h58*: Splicing works ended. Traffic runs its normal path.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Best regards
The edpnet team

*All times are listed in CET, Central European Time

Maintenance planned on 05/08/2019 – impacted services: all internet services : CLOSED
Outage: Power issues affected our helpdesk : SOLVED

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