10 August 2011

Time frame: 08:00 – 10:30

There is an issue in the Belgacom network.
The following LEXes are impacted:
02ALS0, 02AND0, 02BOS0, 02BRA0, 02BRC0, 02DRO0, 02ENG0, 02FOR0, 02GEN0, 02GIL0, 02HAL0, 02HER0, 02HOE0, 02IXE0, 02LAS0, 02LEN0, 02LIN0, 02OBS0, 02OVE0, 02PED0, 02ROD0, 02SAC0, 02STR0, 02TUB0, 02TVU0, 02UKK0, 02WAT0, 02WEZ0.
As a result you might have some problems with your Internet connection.
Update (10:35): The outage was solved.

Edpnet apologizes for any inconveniences.