20 January 2014

There is an outage on our network for the region of Antwerp & Limburg. All services of edpnet are down. We are currently investigating the origin of the problem. We will give you more feedback soon.

Update 12:25
Due to a power outage in our co-location for region of Antwerp, connections for Antwerp, Limburg and parts of Flemish Brabant en East-Flanders were disrupted. These connections came back online when the power was restored.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.


  1. Only Antwerp? I’m in Leuven, same thing here… Anyway, glad to know it’s being worked on!

  2. Major problem! :/

  3. Leuven confirmed too. VDSL Line Status = SHOWTIME but no traffic at all…

  4. Leuven also down, we have two modems with bonding. Physical link is up but no traffic. Seems to be a serious issue 🙁 Traceroute stops at BNIX…

  5. Lost connection at 10:33, now phone support states that probably power issues (don’t know where) are the cause but are not sure yet… Are there no remote monitoring systems at all? 1.5 hour for something no to be sure?

  6. Blue Monday Same @ BALEN

  7. Back up in Antwerp @ 1200 GMT +1 +/-

  8. Back online @ 11:58:04 north of Antwerp.

  9. Leuven online again

  10. Jan 20 11:59:29 apinger: alarm canceled: *** down ***
    Jan 20 11:01:01 apinger: ALARM: *** down ***

    Just short of one hour downtime apparently…

  11. Line been VERY slow all over last week, and almost unusable today. The funny thing is, we had one Belgacom line as backup, and now that is dead too (the BBOC cannot connect). We are in Brussels center, by the way…

  12. Sorry, I meant BBOX above

  13. If you are experiencing a slow connection, you should contact our helpdesk. Did you already try to test your speeds (speedtest.edpnet.be), if you have these results, our helpdesk can try to find out more. Or you can send your test results to our helpdesk, helpdesk@edpnet.net

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