22 oktober 2012

Er zijn momenteel problemen met het verzenden van e-mails via onze relay omwille van een probleem met een spamlijst.

Edpnet tracht dit zo snel mogelijk op te lossen.

Update (23/10/2012):

Dear customers,

We have a huge mail issue since yesterday. For the second time spamhaus.org listed our non-spamming IP ranges. You are unable to send mails to people who use spamhaus.org as a filter to receive e-mail.

Up to one month ago we always had a good contact with spamhaus.org. They informed us (on IP basis) where we had our spammers/abusers and we took contact with them to solve the issue.
Since one month spamhaus.org decided to take extreme measurements towards edpnet. Blocking entire IP ranges for several times because of spammers in our network who we deactivated as soon as we were aware of it.

As an ISP we do not do any filtering of traffic and we do allow fixed IP users to have their own mail servers. It seems that this policy of unfiltered & open internet is no longer possible when such measurements are taken. It seems that we as edpnet will have to redefine our policy regarding traffic filtering to prevent such issues as we have now.

Until now we only reacted on complaints and we did not pro-actively scan all traffic for possible abuse.

We do believe that over the years we already took quite a lot of measurements to get the internet free from abuse and spam as we closed port 25 for all our dynamic IP users and we implemented a state of the art Cisco Iron Port mail system.
Nevertheless we still do not do any traffic filtering and we don’t want to.

Currently we have a huge issue and we do not get any response from spamhaus.org.
We do encourage all our customers to contact spamhaus.org.

You can help us by :

Ask your de-listing on : http://www.spamhaus.org/lookup/
Re-tweet our message using the button below:

Tweet to @spamhaus

Edpnet verontschuldigt zich voor dit ongemak.

Update (23/10/2012):

Het probleem lijkt opgelost, spamhaus heeft edpnet van de lijst verwijderd.