Outage: Outgoing mail services : Solved

Dear customers,

We are currently experiencing an outage with outgoing mail.  Our Network Operations team is investigating this outage. Further updates will be released as soon as possible.

Please find all details below:

Start: 2019-04-06 14:52*
2019-04-08 17:27*
End: 2019-04-08 12:10*
2019-04-09 9:42*
Duration: Several days
Impacted services: Outgoing mail services
Affected Areas: All areas

EDIT 11:27*: Our Network Operations team has isolated the problem and is currently working on a fix. It seems it was caused by the DDoS attack on Saturday.

EDIT 12:10*: Our mailservers have been rebooted after a fix was deployed. Mail is working again. Our mailservers are working through backlog. If you have mails that weren’t correctly sent, please send them again.

EDIT 04/09 9:32*: We are receiving reports outbound mails are once again not working correctly. Our Network Operations team is investigating the issue.

EDIT 04/09 9:42: The issue was quickly found and solved. A change was made to aid in troubleshooting yesterday and was incorrectly reverted. No problems should reoccur.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Best regards
The edpnet team

*All times are listed in CET, Central European Time

Outage notification: DDoS attack on Saturday
Maintenance planned on 24/04/2019 – impacted services: all DSL services : Closed


  1. 8-04-2019
    Van half één tot 18.00 uur werkte alles terug. Nu om 21.00 uur werkt het weer niet meer

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