Maintenance planned on 01/10/2018 – impacted services: internet connectivity and telephony: Closed

Dear customers,

Edpnet in cooperation with Proximus has planned a maintenance in order to replace fiber hardware.

Service impact starts at 01:00 in the morning. Services will be gradually restored. We expect the impact to last between 30 minutes and 2 hours 30 minutes.

This intervention requires no action from you, however, if your service is unexpectedly not restored by 06:00, you can try a restart of your local device (CPE router, modem, etc.).

Please find all details below:

Start: 2018-10-01 01:00*
End: 2018-10-01 06:00*
Duration: 5 hours : potential impact: 02h30
Impacted services: internet connectivity and telephony
Affected Areas: Genk: 089


We apologize for the inconveniences.

Best regards
The edpnet team

*All times are listed in CET, Central European Time


  1. Which is it???

    Maintenance planned on 01/10/2018…

    Please find all details below:
    Start: 2018-09-24 01:00*
    End: 2018-09-24 06:00*

    • Hello,
      Our apologies for the confusing details and thank you for pointing out the mistake. The maintenance is for 01/10/2018 for the region Genk.
      Kind regards.
      Edpnet team

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